About Us

About Us

Polen Transiciones Justas is a think tank dedicated to informing and influencing public policy and decision-making processes in Colombia. Our core mission is to advocate for just transitions, striving to establish a society that is both equitable and resilient in the context of climate change. Our approaches are rooted in empirical data, verifiable facts, active engagement with various stakeholders, inclusive participation of diverse communities, and an open and constructive dialogue with civil society.

Our Mission

Promoting just and inclusive transitions towards a sustainable energy system that brings benefits to all Colombians. Through our efforts, we aim to contribute to a more equitable and resilient society in the face of climate change, using energy as a catalyst for this transformative journey.

Nuestra visión

Para el año 2030, Polen Transiciones Justas espera ser reconocido por parte de entidades públicas, sindicatos, trabajadores, comunidades y sociedad civil por la calidad de sus documentos y actividades, siendo un actor clave en el cambio colectivo y gradual hacia un futuro posfósil más justo.

Lorena, a co-founder and researcher at Polen, holds a degree in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering from the Universidad del Magdalena. Prior to joining Polen, she embarked on her career as a young researcher in Colombia, as part of the Energy Transition Research Group at the University of Magdalena, where she focused on projects concerning mining and energy conflicts in the Caribbean region. Her work emphasized collaboration with local communities and workers within the sector. You can get in touch with Lorena at lorena.lopez@polentj.org.

Lorena López